Hunting Scene - Mareeba

Hunting Scene - Mareeba

The men of the 19th had a lot of empty time to fill, so they did what they could to break the monotony. Some of the guys went hunting while others seemed to enjoy “striking a pose” for Vernon’s camera.

Wearing a Grass Skirt - anything to break the monotony!

Wearing a Grass Skirt - anything to break the monotony!


Many of these pictures were lighthearted – i.e. the man in the grass skirt. Would love to know the back story to this picture.

However, other photos displayed a touch of dark humor.

6-darkhumorThe picture of a group of men holding a gun to the head of one of their buddies, would fall under the category of, “Don’t try this at home.”

Maybe these men were exposed to violence so often that they wanted to find a way to laugh about it.

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  1. Jay D. Jackson says:

    I have been trying to learn more about my father as well. I have only recently learned that he was in the 19th BG 93rd squadron. Probably part of the new personnel that arrived mid December of 41. His name was Jay w. Jackson. He was a waste gunner, mechanic, and flight engineer, last rank of Tech Sargent. He didn't return home with the 19th, instead was transferred to the 43rd BG 65th squadron. He also died in 73. I was 11. He never talked about the war and I have searched on and off my whole life for information about his war experience. Thanks to the internet I've made some real progress in the last ten years. Your story really sounds similar. I will be buying your book. And I hope to follow your blogs.

    • Ken & Phyl Bledsoe says:

      Hi Jay,

      I did come across your father's name from the book "American Heroes of the War in the Air" by Howard Mingos.

      It is listed as "Tech Sgt. Jay W. Jackson, Air Corps U.S. Army from Bicknell, Utah. (DFC)...Distinguished Flying Cross.


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